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There are 6 native species of reptile which occupy the UK, all of which are UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) Priority Species with listing on numerous Local BAPs. Sand Lizard and Smooth Snake are the rarest with restricted distributions and protection under UK and European legislation. In contrast the more common reptiles Grass Snake, Slow Worm, Common Lizard and Adder have a wider distribution with partial protection under UK legislation.

Habitat preferences and distribution of common reptiles vary but in broad terms they can be found in a range of habitats, in both rural and urban locations. Common reptiles are generally less abundant in intensively managed farmland, highly built up settings and in upland areas.

The Smooth Snake is generally restricted to heathland in southern England whilst the Sand Lizard is limited to heathland and dunes in southern England, Mersyside and the north Wales coast (although there have been numerous releases of captive bred Sand Lizards in various locations across England).

Reptile survey, Reptile impact assessment, Reptile mitigation

Our support capabilities for Reptile issues are:


Reptile habitat suitability index assessment, presence/absence and population surveys.

Design and Assessment
Masterplan design and Impact Assessment.

Licence Application
European Protected Species licence application for Sand Lizard and Smooth Snake, site supervision and monitoring.

Receptor site and compensatory habitat selection and design, precautionary working method statements, tool box talks, pre-works survey and site supervision, translocation.

Management and Monitoring
Production of management plans and monitoring during construction and post mitigation.


Exclusion and Fence Installation
Installation of Reptile exclusion fencing, pit and bespoke reptile proof designs to accommodate public access across donor sites.

Destructive searches and habitat manipulation to speed up the translocation process.

Habitat Creation and Restoration
Receptor site creation – tree, woodland, scrub and hedgerow planting, grassland seeding, hibernacula creation, pond and creation and restoration, micro-climate creation e.g. sandy banks, wet scrapes, log piles.

Habitat Clearance
Tree, scrub, woodland and hedgerow clearance, stump grinding and treatment and turf stripping.

Habitat Management
Short and long-term habitat management for Reptiles. Habitat management to increase the quality of existing reptile habitat.