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Ecological Mitigation

We reduce the risk of costly delays and legal complications, delivering mitigation strategies you and your organisation can be proud of.

Habitat Mitigation – hibernacula Plant Mitigation - Pyramidal Orchid Animal Mitigation - Dormouse

Habitat Mitigation

Plant Mitigation

Animal Mitigation

Working with our in-house Ecology Consultancy Team we combine intelligent planning with effective delivery by our ecology-trained Contract Managers to ensure your organisation fulfils all its legal and planning obligations, especially relating to European Protected Species.

Ecological Mitigation Services

Badger mitigation, Bat mitigation, Bird mitigation, Dormouse mitigation, Great Crested Newt mitigation, Reptile mitigation, Otter mitigation, Invertebrate mitigation, Water Vole mitigation, White Clawed Crayfish mitigation, Plant mitigation, Habitat mitigation.