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Badgers are widely distributed throughout the UK, receiving protection under UK legislation but with no Priority Species listing on the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP).

Occupying a wide range of rural and urban habitats throughout the UK, particularly in the lowlands and the south and south-west, Badgers are generally territorial (less so in urban areas) and inhabit underground burrows called setts.

Badger Surveys, Badger Sett Creation

Our support capabilities for Badger issues are:


Badger sett, activity and bait-marking surveys.

Design and Assessment
Masterplan design and Impact Assessment.

Licence Application
Badger sett closure/disturbance applications, site supervision and monitoring.

Precautionary working method statements, tool box talks, pre-works survey, capture and translocation.

Management and Monitoring
Production of management plans and Badger sett monitoring during construction and post mitigation.


Exclusion and Fence Installation
Installation of Badger gates, fencing, underpasses and Badger sett closure.

Habitat Creation and Restoration
Artificial Badger sett creation, planting of fruit trees, woodland and thorny scrub.

Habitat Clearance and Management
Woodland, scrub and grassland clearance and management.