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Our experienced team of ecologists ensure the level of monitoring is proportionate to the needs of the project, whilst remaining entirely robust and acceptable to Regulators.

Ecological Monitoring - Newt Survey

We’ll apply the latest technology, synchronise surveys and match the right level of expertise to keep costs to a minimum.

When is Monitoring needed?

  • It’s compulsory for European Protected Species (EPS) and is a legal obligation within the licensing process.  The number of years required and the level of survey effort depends on each site. The objective of EPS Monitoring is to establish the success of the mitigation strategy and inform any ongoing management regime.
  • For other species it’s likely to be required for populations of high conservation importance and linked to level of impact.  The same is true for habitats, particularly designated sites and Biodiversity Action Plan Priority Habitats.
  • It’s a tool for assessing whether an operational activity has an ongoing impact on a species or habitat of conservation importance.
  • It provides feedback to ongoing management regimes.