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Planning for Biodiversity

With our pioneering approach to ecological consultancy and unique blend of technical expertise we offer a broad range of Biodiversity Planning with both positive, practical and PR value for our clients.

Biodiversity Survey - Drystone wall

Why consider Biodiversity?

Planning for biodiversity creates additional value for your business and saves you money – understanding the habitats on your land and managing them for biodiversity is far less labour intensive than regular, amenity driven management regimes.

This gives your organisation new opportunities for positive PR and great potential to enhance its profile. A Biodiversity Action Plan can be launched publicly and used on your website to demonstrate your credentials in sustainability.

It’s something that both your employees and clients can feel good about.  You’ll be making a positive contribution to the environment and providing all the recreational and aesthetic benefits of a healthy natural environment.

Our Biodiversity Planning

  • Provides advice about improving biodiversity on your land and in your organisation
  • Biodiversity Audits
  • Biodiversity Action Plans
  • Living Roof/Wall Design
  • Artificial Wetland Systems for sewage treatment
  • Green Infrastructure Design
  • Biodiversity Research and Development