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Ecological Impact Assessment

Our flexible, common-sense approach to Ecological Impact Assessment is designed to ensure constraints are identified, opportunities realised and your planning consent is rapidly granted.

Gullwits Migration Ecological Impact Assessment (EIA)

Using our local knowledge we’ll work closely with you and the Regulator to scope out the best approach at the outset.  Using only the most robust survey data we apply our Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management’s Ecological Impact Assessment standards to any type or scale of project.  To save you further time and money we can write the Ecology Chapter of the Environmental Statement directly into your own document templates.

Where impacts to a designated site are deemed possible, our technical experts will negotiate a fitting level of investigation to enable the Competent Authority to carry out an Appropriate Assessment.

Our Project Managers have a proven track record in this regard and are well versed in the legislative, planning and intensive survey requirements of such assessments.