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Plants and Habitats

Some plant species are specifically protected under European and/or UK legislation whilst ecologically important habitats tend to be protected by statutory or non-statutory designation e.g. Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and County Wildlife Sites (CWS) respectively. An exception is hedgerows, of which those deemed important in landscape and conservation terms receive protection under The Hedgerows Regulations 1997. Habitats may also be indirectly protected as a result of the species that inhabit them.

65 habitats and 212 plant species are listed as Priorities on the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP). Listing on Local BAPs is variable.

The most ecologically important habitats tend to be those that have been undisturbed for many years, un-improved by farming practices, have taken years to become established and/or support populations of ecologically important species. The latter means that even seemingly common place habitats such as native scrub and coarse grassland, as are often found on brownfield sites, could be indirectly protected.

Hedgerow survey, NVC survey, River Corridor Survey

Our Plant and Habitat capabilities are:


Ecological Risk Assessment, Phase I Habitat, River Corridor and River Habitat, NVC, Hedgerow, Protected and BAP plants, BAP habitat surveys.

Design and Assessment
Masterplan design and Impact Assessment.

Licence Application
European Protected Species licence application, site supervision and monitoring.

Design of habitat creation/translocation methodology, precautionary working method statements, tool box talks, pre-works survey and site supervision.

Management and Monitoring
Production of management plans and monitoring during construction and post mitigation. Designated site condition monitoring.


Signage and protective fence installation around sensitive areas.

Habitat Creation and Restoration
Tree, woodland, scrub and hedgerow planting and grassland seeding. Habitat translocation e.g. grassland, orchard, heathland. Wetland and heathland creation and restoration.

Habitat Clearance
Tree, hedgerow, scrub and woodland clearance and turf stripping. Stump grinding and treatment.

Habitat Management
Management of all UK habitat types including important sites for nature conservation.