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Habitat Management

Habitat Management programmes are delivered by our own team of ecology-trained Contract Managers who will adopt the most effective, efficient and ecologically sensitive approach for each project.

Grassland Habitat
Habitat Wetland Management
Habitat Wetland Management
Habitat Wetland Management
Habitat Scrubland Management
Habitat Woodland Management
Habitat Grassland Management
Habitat Heathland Management
Habitat Heathland Management

Our Habitats team has the knowledge and confidence to adapt their approach to the constraints posed by protected species when working on habitat management projects. We draw on the expertise of our in-house Ecology Team to synchronise working practices with surveys for all protected species, including those that require special licenses such as Great Crested Newts, Dormice and Bats.

The team is highly experienced in all established habitat management techniques and is also continually exploring new options, approaches and techniques for habitat management that can bring greater efficiency without compromising the long-term viability of important site features.

Our Habitat Management services

  • Woodland Management
  • Scrub Management
  • Grassland Management
  • Wetland Management
  • Heathland Management
  • Invasive Species Management