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Wildlife Fencing and Exclusion

Our ecology-trained Contract Managers can rapidly mobilise resources to install your required wildlife fencing specification on or ahead of time and always on budget, meeting the highest standards required by Ecologists and Regulators.

Wildlife Fencing 1
Wildlife Fencing 2
Wildlife Fencing 4
Wildlife Fencing 4
Wildlife Fencing 5
Wildlife Fencing 6

Our experienced and adaptable Contract Managers relish the challenge of large, complex, multi-species projects.  Drawing on our 10 years experience they apply innovative thinking and techniques to meet the demands of time, cost and standards.

We are proven installers of:

  • Newt Fencing – temporary newt fencing, semi permanent newt fencing and permanent newt fencing
  • Reptile Fencing
  • Badger Fencing
  • Water Vole Fencing
  • Otter Fencing
  • Deer Fencing
  • Stock Fencing
  • Pitfall Traps, Carpet Tiles