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The active nests of all UK bird species receive protection from damage and destruction under UK legislation and some birds like Barn Owl are also afforded special protection, against disturbance whilst nesting.  Over 50 bird species are a Priority Species on the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP).   Listing on Local BAPs and their distribution throughout the UK are variable according to species.

In addition the RSPB regularly publish a list of the population status of all UK bird species, with species divided between Red, Amber or Green lists according to their recent and historical population fluctuations.  Red listed species are those of highest conservation concern due to population and/or range reductions.  The RSPB list is reviewed every 5 years.

The habitat preferences of birds differ considerably and they can be found in almost all habitat types throughout the UK including built structures.

Bird survey, Wintering bird survey, Breeding Bird survey

Our support capabilities for bird issues are:


Reconnaissance, Breeding/nesting, Wintering, Vantage point (VP), Wetland Bird (WeBS), Barn Owl, Black Redstart, Dartford Warbler, Cirl Bunting, Black Grouse and raptor, Common Bird Census (CBC), Upland Wader Transect (Brown and Shepherd) and Snapshot (Field Counts) surveys.

Design and Assessment
Masterplan design, Impact Assessment, Appropriate Assessments and Collision risk modelling.

Precautionary working method statements, tool box talks, pre-works survey and site supervision.

Management and Monitoring
Production of management plans and monitoring during construction and post mitigation.


Installation of signage and protective fence installation around sensitive areas, bird deterrents and nest boxes.

Habitat Creation and Restoration
Tree, scrub and hedgerow planting, grassland seeding, waterbody and wetland creation and restoration. Creation of floating islands.

Habitat Clearance
Tree, hedgerow, scrub and woodland clearance and turf stripping for birds, including sensitive clearance during the bird nesting season. Stump grinding and treatment.

Habitat Management
Terrestrial and freshwater Habitat Management for birds.