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Lake Construction

Private Landowner

The lake was constructed on a ‘cut & fill’ principle with the excavated soils used to create a large bunded section on the lake’s southern embankment. The top soil / turves were stripped back and stockpiled for later use. Once the form of the lake was constructed and accurate levels established, an anchor trench for the lake’s artificial liner was excavated around the perimeter of the water line. A protective geo-textile underlay was installed to the surface bed of the lake to prevent damage to the liner by sharp objects. A heavy duty artificial liner membrane was then installed in-situ by heat welding large panels together molded to fit the contours of the lake. Once the liner was in place, a second layer of geo-textile fabric was placed on top before re-introducing soil using a machine to cover the entire surface of the lake bed. Topsoil was replaced to the area surrounding the lake, levelled and reseeded with a native grassland / wildflower mix.

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