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Badger Proof Fencing, Gilfach Quarry

Cemex UK

Keystone Habitats was commissioned to implement Badger mitigation authorised under a development licence obtained by Keystone Ecology to allow the proposed quarry expansion to proceed.

What did we do?

  • Installed Badger proof fencing around a large outcrop of rock in use as a Badger sett following clearance of vegetation on the alignment.
  • Installed 12 one-way gates in fencing to allow the resident Badgers to leave the area and prevent their return.
  • On completion of the exclusion exercise, the gates were removed and the entire area covered in metal mesh to present re-excavation by Badgers.

How did we do it?

  • Keystone Habitats liaised with Keystone Ecology to develop a non-standard technique for sett closure, required due to the location and nature of the sett excavation.
  • A pre-works meeting was held between our Habitats Contract Manager and the Project Manager from Keystone Ecology to discuss the terms of the Countryside Council for Wales development licence.
  • To minimise disturbance to Badger, vegetation on the fence alignment was cleared by hand.
  • Our ecology trained Habitats Contract Manager was named as an agent on the licence.

What were the outcomes?

  • The need for additional ecological supervision was avoided with associated cost savings for the client.
  • Sett closure was completed in accordance with the licence timetable and quarry expansion was able to proceed on programme.
  • The entire project was delivered to budget.
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