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Great Crested Newt Mitigation for Landfill Site

Sahara Landfill/Nicholas Pearson Associates

Sahara Landfill, a large former sand quarry which had reached its production capacity, was granted consent for use as a landfill.    Keystone Habitats were commissioned to implement the European Protected Species licensed mitigation strategy for Great Crested Newts.

What Did We Do?

  • Installed 2km of newt exclusion fencing and internal capture fencing throughout the development site including pit traps and carpet tiles
  • Restored 2 existing ponds for use as a newt receptor site
  • Carried out the clearance of scrub within the proposed landfill footprint

How Did We Do It?

  • We adjusted our fence installation methods to match the terrain encountered
  • Existing ponds were enhanced for breeding Great Crested Newts by re-profiling the banks to form sloping margins, removing shading scrub habitat and introducing aquatic planting
  • We ensured a Habitats Contracts Manager licensed to handle Great Crested Newts managed the project

What Were The Outcomes?

  • Great Crested Newt translocation was able to commence on schedule
  • The quality of the ponds in the receptor site markedly improved following restoration works
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