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Artificial Badger Sett Creation

Housebuilder Consortium

At a large scale residential development scheme in Berryfields, Aylesbury a consortium of housebuilders instructed Keystone Habitats to create an artificial main Badger sett and close the existing main sett.

What did we do?

  • Constructed and installed an 11 chamber, 6 entrance artificial main Badger sett.
  • Planted the surrounding area with thorn scrub mix and fruit plant mix as well as grass seeding to provide suitable habitat around the new sett.
  • Installed stock fencing in the surrounding area to deter public access to the sett.
  • Installed in excess of 40 Badger exclusion gates on the existing sett proposed for closure and then excavated/closed the existing sett following completion of licensed Badger monitoring.

How did we do it?

  • Ecologically trained in-house Habitats staff designed the artificial Badger sett and pre-fabricated the chambers at our yard for efficient sett assembly on site.
  • We worked closely with our client and in particular their team of ecologists to ensure all methods, specifications and timescales contained within the Badger licence for the site were adhered to.
  • Metal one-way gates combined with chain link mesh were installed in the existing main sett to exclude Badgers and successfully prevent their return prior to sett destruction.
  • The existing sett was closed using a tracked excavator under a watching brief by one of our ecologically trained Habitats Contract Managers.

What were the outcomes?

  • The project was delivered to the brief, on time and on budget with no complications.
  • Video footage was obtained of the Badgers occupying the new sett and taking advantage of the bedding provided within only a few weeks of sett construction enabling destruction of the existing sett by the required deadline.
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