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European Proteted Species Update

Natural England have announced the following updates:

1) Two new licence conditions have been added to the standard conditions. The first condition makes it clear that everyone authorised to act under a licence is responsible for complying with the conditions of the licence and will therefore be liable to prosecution if they fail to do so. The second condition relates to post development monitoring and requires all post development monitoring data to be submitted to Natural England no later than 14 days after licence expiry. The data must also be sent to the Local Biological Records Centre within this time period.

2) Guidance for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP) and EPS licensing has been published (Guidance Note WML-G36).  Draft mitigation licence applications are required for this process so early engagement in advance of Development Consent Order Application to the Infratsructure Planning Committee is recommended.

3) ‘How to get a licence’ guidance has been updated.

4) Interim guidance on Dormouse surveying to support mitigation licence applications has been released (Guidance Note WML-G37).

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